Pyramids of Egypt: A pyramid of the 13th dynasty is found in Egypt


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Egypt is home to more than 123 old pyramids, including the Guiza Pyramids, which were built over 4,300 years ago and are currently the only intact buildings of the 7 wonders of the world. Although there are many countries that may be the focus of attention when it comes to history, Egypt is once again in the eyes of archaeologists and scientists due to the recent discovery of a pyramid at least 3,700 years old , meaning that was built during the 13th dynasty of the Egyptian country . The details were published by the chief director of Egypt’s antiquities sector, Mahmoud Afifi.


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Archaeologists found the remains of the pyramid near the royal necropolis of Dahshur, which was built under the command of the Pharaoh Sneferu. The building is in good condition and the general director of the necropolis, Adel Okasha, mentions that the finding is from the inner zone of the pyramid. The ministry of Egyptian antiquities revealed photographs of the discovery, allowing many to see the smooth stones that made up the corridor of the pyramid.

The Pyramids of Egypt were built with very expensive materials


Due to the recent findings, the exact measurements of the pyramid are not yet available, but archaeologists have expressed their disconcertion at the attempt of the ancient Egyptians to build a flat-faced building with highly expensive materials. This event has completely surprised historians, scientists and archaeologists in general and has been the focus of attention since the first communiqué south of Cairo. It is estimated that after having studied it thoroughly, tourists can visit it and appreciate it just like the rest of the Egyptian pyramids.


We hope that the experts will be able to carry out the relevant research and be allowed to reveal everything related to the pyramid, from its measurements to the type of materials used to build it.