Oxyrhynchus and the mysteries of ancient Egypt

Oxyrhynchus and the mysteries of ancient Egypt


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Were fish mummified in ancient Egypt?
Oxirrinco was the Pharaonic capital during the 19th Dynasty, belonging to Upper Egypt, and is now considered the fifth largest ancient city in the territory and one of the places that hides more mysteries apart from the pyramids of Egypt. It is there where the main temple to Osiris is located and where they found more than 100 mummies piled up in one of the innermost rooms of the place. But in addition to all these things, Oxirrinco has many other aspects that must be discovered and interpreted, for example, mummified animals.

It has been known for some time that the ancient Egyptians mummified the different animals of the time, those who were pets of the deceased and the cats, who guided them to the hereafter. However, another type of mummified animal was found in Oxirrinco and this generated shock and amazement not only among the archaeologists in charge of the expedition, but also throughout the world. We are talking about mummified fish located in the best areas of the city.

The oxyrhynchus was the fish that represented the city, in fact, the territory bears his name and was so revered that the ancient Egyptians decided to mummify its species. About 5,000 mummified oxyrinths were found along with some precious fabrics and objects, these were sacrificed in honor of the goddess Tueris and it was a tradition of ancient Egypt. Either way, the excavations are still standing to find more bodies and animals turned into mummies.

Circular structure in ancient Egypt without confirmed data
In one of the oldest areas of the city there is a circular brick building. Scientists do not know what it was made for, much less the exact date, but it is extremely strange considering the fact that it remains practically intact. Experts believe it may be a hydraulic construction, but more research is needed to verify this fact.