Mystery of the pyramids of Egypt solved. That’s how they got the lineup!

Misterio de las pirámides de Egipto resuelto. ¡Así lograron la alineación!


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The pyramids of Egypt are aligned with the cardinal points
The pyramids of Egypt have been the center of attention for many years, this is due to the different controversies and theories about their construction. The mystery that surrounds them has caught the attention of all the researchers of the world and it is no wonder, after all, that it is one of the 7 wonders of the world and the oldest on our planet. Some may know that the pyramids have an almost perfect alignment not only at angles but also with the stars of our galaxy, previously all this was a mystery, but now it seems that experts have found concrete answers.

The alignment of the pyramids of Egypt is almost perfect

All of them are looking at the cardinal points. The ancient Egyptians were able to achieve this amazing feat thanks to the autumn equinox, which is supported by one of the most recent studies of the world’s oldest pyramids. The astronomy experts explained that the autumn equinox occurs twice a year and during those days, the sun reaches the highest point of our sky in the celestial equator. This intersection is practically perfect in the eyes of astronomers.

However, in order for the Egyptians to be able to determine the position of the sun, they had the help of a Gnomon, a construction instrument that measures the sun’s path according to its shadow, so that it can function, it must be installed on the ground. Glen Dash, one of the archaeologists in charge of the research, mentioned that the ancient Egyptians only had to mark the different points that the instrument marked as the sun set or will generate shadows.

This would form a perfect arc and then they just had to join all those points together to form a straight line on which they built the pyramids. The builders of the pyramids, specifically the keops, did so with no more than 4 minutes of arc shadow.