Mysterious mummy of ancient Egypt in the form of a bird turned out to be human

Misteriosa momia del antiguo Egipto en forma de ave resultó ser humana


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The mummies of ancient Egypt
Archaeologists have found an infinite number of mummies in Egypt for many years, in fact, not only human but also animal remains have been found, and this generates astonishment and doubts in the scientific community, since it is still a little surprising that ancient civilizations mummified animals so that they could accompany their owners along the path to the afterlife. Now, some time ago a very small mummy was found and scientists assumed it was an animal or at least part of it, but it was not.

It turns out that after many studies, the experts were able to realize that these remains actually belonged to a human. The amazement and concern of the people increased too much when this news was made public, and they also mentioned that its date is 2,100 years old. When it was discovered it was sent to the Maidstone Museum as an exhibit under the name EA 493 Mummified Falcon, but is now the subject of studies to determine who it was.

Ancient Egypt still holds many secrets
mummy human bird

The scientists thought it was a bird because of its size and build, then a scan was performed on the mummy and it was discovered that the remains had arms, before this, the experts said it could be a monkey, however, Andrew Nelson’s team decided to go beyond what many believed and re-evaluated the mummy, that’s when they discovered that it was a male fetus.

The way it was prepared and preserved makes scientists claim that it was a member of royalty, the question is, whose son could this mummy have been? The ancient manuscripts do not speak of any deceased fetus of the queens or pharaohs, but theories suggest that it may be a descendant of Nefertititi and that she disappeared, and that both may even have been killed by the Pharaoh of that time.