Mummies of ancient Egypt could show us communication to the hereafter.


Archaeology never tires of discovering mysteries related to the Egyptian past, and if there is a culture that has given us enigmas at the side of history, it is the one that conquered Cairo and its surroundings thousands of years ago. Recently, in an excavation in Minya, south of the immense river, a sarcophagus has been found with more than 40 mummies of ancient Egypt preserved in perfect condition. According to the authorities, it takes about five years of exploration to know exactly how many bodies were placed there and whether it was indeed a common cemetery, like ours, because finding 40 mummies in one place is not common in the ancient remains of Egypt.

A cemetery with 40 mummies from ancient Egypt?
Mostafa Waziri, the head of the excavation mission, has declared that many of the tombs found belonged to priests of the Egyptian god Tot. One of these tombs housed a collection of more than a thousand small ushebti statues in perfect condition, as well as four jugs made of alabaster, each with lids with the faces of the four sons of Horus.

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However, the most important and intriguing finding for Waziri and his team was that of a necklace with the “Happy New Year” message carved in hieroglyphics of the time. The professor has stated that this is a wonderful coincidence, a message sent from the hereafter.

In ancient Egypt, was it believed in communication between the afterlife and our own?
It is no secret to anyone that in ancient Egypt, among his religious beliefs was the possibility of being able to communicate with the spirits of the beyond through certain acts that succeeded in establishing communication.

To find such a message in the tomb of a priest is, moreover, disturbing, since these were the ones in charge of such work for the pharaohs. Does this mean that they were really able to communicate with the world of the dead or is it simply an ordinary necklace? It would make no sense for a deceased person to wear an amulet with such a message. In the same way, perhaps there are years to go before we can find some new clue that will show us the meaning of the amulet.