It is possible that the civilizations of ancient Egypt practiced human sacrifices

Es posible que las civilizaciones del antiguo Egipto practicaran sacrificios humanos

Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Reveals Amazing Information
The cultures and rites that took place in ancient civilizations may seem very rare to us today, but to our ancestors it was something very sacred that was respected. Egypt has been considered a territory with many mysteries and, after this discovery, our perception of Egyptian culture is likely to change radically.

One of the traditions of ancient Egypt during the time of Pharaohs was the sacrifice of humans. At first it was believed that it was only a legend, but a very ancient papyrus has been found in which all the activities carried out by these civilizations are revealed in detail, among them, all the human and animal sacrifices to honor the gods of other species and dimensions that helped to build the Egyptian empire with their powers.

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Ancient Egypt and human sacrifices
Scientists estimated that the manuscript dates from the 6th century A.D. and at that time there were already different monasteries and churches around the world. The papyrus found in 1934 in the pyramid of Pharaoh Senusret I contains detailed information on one of the most famous biblical sacrifices in history: Abraham and Isaac. While the Bible says that this sacrifice was not carried out, in the text of ancient Egypt they mention that Abraham did in fact kill his son by a sacrifice to praise a God probably of the Anunnaki species. The text reflects the mixture of religions and the way in which they adopted various rituals from other cultures.

On the other hand, the Egyptians took a good number of animals of all kinds to make their sacrifices and that was discovered many years ago, what was not known is that humans were also part of these rituals, because the servants of the Pharaohs were killed and buried along with it so that they could accompany him on his journey from the hereafter. At the time, this was considered honorary, but in detailing the process of the ritual, it was actually quite chilling.