Iron throne in the pyramids of Egypt confirms the coming of extraterrestrials

Trono de hierro en las pirámides de Egipto confirma la venida de extraterrestres


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The aliens will sit on the iron throne of the pyramids of Egypt and regain power over humanity.
Some time ago scientists began to express their thoughts about the pyramids of Egypt, specifically in the pyramids of Keops, because they believed that inside the building, in one of the Pharaoh’s chambers, there is a giant iron throne. Unfortunately that area of the pyramid is completely sealed off and no one has had access to it, however, that does not diminish people’s curiosity and interest in knowing what is hidden inside.

A study by experts at the Hip Institute in Paris found an apparent void 30 metres long and many people began to speculate that it was the famous iron throne described in the ancient Egyptian scriptures. They explain that once Pharaoh’s body was placed inside the pyramid, he would rise and sit on that throne to rule Egypt even after death.

The throne in the pyramids of Egypt was devised by extraterrestrials
But there is one thing that does not fit into these scriptures and that is that the ancient Egyptians referred to the Pharaoh as someone from another world, a ruler who came from another planet and who was also the one who ordered the construction of the oldest pyramids on earth. If each scroll is carefully analyzed, it is truly possible that it is an extraterrestrial being who will return to earth to rule from Egypt.

If this is true, not only Egyptian legends would make sense, but also Aztec, Sumerian and Mayan stories. We are talking about beings who, according to the stories, were the creators of the human race and of everything in the world. Then, the iron throne would be occupied by one of them, the ruler, the rightful king, and we would all have to be ruled by him from now on.