Hidden camera discovered in the great pyramid of Guiza


This enormous and well-known monument located in Egypt made by the Pharaoh Cube and made in the year 2550 BC. It has been the highest structure in the world and despite multiple theories about its construction, a scientific consensus has not yet been reached to understand how it could be built in such a short time. But scientists did not give up, and by 2015 the new search for information about the mysteries of the great pyramid of Guiza began. But how do they investigate? Then we will reveal the secrets to you.

New method to find the secrets of the great pyramid of Guiza
There is a new way to find what is hidden, this new method consists of placing some cosmic ray detectors inside the great pyramid of Guiza, they are very tiny particles that measure the density of the structures, very similar to the X rays that penetrate in our body detecting variations; these cosmic rays penetrate in the rock and allow to create a complete mapping of the pyramid without altering its structure.

Researchers set to work in 2016 and it took months to map the entire pyramid, analyzing the results over and over again. By the year 2107 they mapped the great pyramid thanks to several detectors in it that discovered something incredible.

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To find this they used several methods, the first being infrared thermography which consists of the temperature variations of the pyramid to try to find the hidden objects that have a different temperature. Besides, they used 3D laser scanning. How does it work? Several laser emitters are placed inside the pyramid that shoot laser beams in all directions from both the queen’s chamber and the king’s chamber and these laser beams bounce off the walls.

The third method was the cosmic rays that detect the molen coming from the atmosphere and penetrating the deepest parts of the pyramid through even the rock.

Cosmic rays reveal a hidden camera in the heart of the great pyramid of Guiza
Scientists have found a huge, unknown camera inside the great pyramid of Guiza called “The Great Void”, 30 metres long and located in the heart of the pyramid. The camera has a cross-section similar to the Great Gallery just below.

Few details are known about this object. It is not known whether it is inclined or horizontal or whether it is made up of more small spaces; its function is unknown. Researchers rule out the possibility of finding a hidden treasure.

This discovery in the great pyramid of Guiza opens the doors to future studies that will help archaeologists to break with the mysteries of this most famous monument in the world.