Giant representation of extraterrestrial is discovered in Nazca

Representación gigantesca de extraterrestre es descubierta en Nazca

Nazca geoglyphs show what appears to be an alien
On the Nazca lines in Peru, pilots from the area discovered a geoglyph that nobody knew until 2014. The figure is approximately 200 metres long and has a pronounced similarity to what could be an extraterrestrial figure.

Nazca lines

No one has been able to decipher the great mystery of the Nazca Lines in Peru. These lines show a very important process of engineering and art. Besides, it can only be seen from airplane or satellite. For this reason, its elaboration is more than mysterious and leads us to ask ourselves how they could have done it without having an aerial perspective.

The great resemblance of these recently discovered Nazca lines suggests that we have been visited in the past by beings from outer space. This is a finding that can easily rewrite history books. When we carefully analyze the figure of the strange being, we can see that he has only three fingers.

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They seek to hide the extraterrestrial evidence that exists in the Nazca desert
However, the authorities have boycotted the investigation of these lines and are hindering the conduct of studies. The question that arises is why is it intended to maintain a false story? A story that does not match the new findings that emerge every day. What do you really want to hide?

The figure referred to has been damaged by the passage of time and the passage of motor vehicles over it.

There are those who suggest that these new lines are false, the product of someone who edited them. But if so, it would be someone with great talent and very privileged information.

It should be noted that documentation has been submitted to local authorities and UNESCO.

The aim is that these birth lines should be declared a world heritage site, but this objective has not been achieved. On the contrary, all the information has been hidden and even the exact location of the geoglyphs.

What do you think? Are we close to discovering the secret behind these lines or not?

Watch the following video and give your opinion.