Extraterrestrial evidence in ancient Sumer

Evidencia extraterrestre en la antigua Sumeria


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The Sumerian civilization was ruled by extraterrestrials
The Sumerians have marked history with their various archaeological images, but there is another aspect that has caused Sumerian civilization to be mentioned by archaeologists and many scientists around the world: the Anunnaki legend. For the Sumerians, all humans were created by highly evolved beings who did not belong to our planet and this can be proved by the ancient writings and humanoid statuettes found in 1919.

The origin of humanity has always been questioned, whether by scientists who claim that we are descended from primates or by religions, yet Sumerian legends further clarify all thoughts of creation. There is a great Sumerian list very similar to the ancient Egyptian writings in which the entire history of the kings who ruled civilization is told, including the immortal beings who were on earth for what is believed to have been many centuries.

The Anunnakis aliens created the first humans in Sumer.

The ancient manuscripts of this civilization tell the story of beings who traveled from a giant planet throughout the universe to find the earth. Interested in the amount of minerals and natural elements they could collect to save their planet, the Anunnakis decided to colonize our heavenly body. These extraterrestrials had a reptilian aspect, were very tall and demanding, and there was a hierarchy within that civilization.

The beings who kept extracting minerals got tired of being treated like slaves and demanded the creation of another species, it was then that Enki and Ninki created the human beings, people whose task was to work and obey those superior creatures intellectually and physically. Both creators were considered as the creators of life and set out to create more humans through the blood of one of their gods, so that the new inhabitants of the earth tended to resemble them, they would be descendants of extraterrestrials.