Egypt’s pyramids hide dark astronomical secrets



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Astronomy and its close connection to the pyramids of Egypt
For many years, different theories have been developed in which it is alleged that the builders of the pyramids of Egypt and the other oldest buildings in the world were beings from another world. This adds up to the fact that there is no scientific way to prove that humans had anything to do with these constructions, because although many scientists give consistent opinions, nothing more than a simple hypothesis. So will there be an astronomical connection in the pyramids or was there extraterrestrial intervention?

The ancient Egyptians were experts in astronomy, in fact, it is said that they spent long periods of time observing the sky and thus managed to align the world’s oldest pyramids with the cardinal points and some stars in the sky. Legend has it that the Pharaoh, upon his death, would become a star. Some experts claim that the builders of the pyramids had extensive knowledge in this area, but so far their practices and tools remain a mystery.

Pyramids of Egypt inspired by ancient Egyptian astronomy
The ancient Egyptians understood astronomy perfectly and this can be seen in their texts and hieroglyphics, however, there is too much doubt in today’s astronomers and archaeologists. How could they align the pyramids with such perfection without the help of special machinery? There is not even any indication that they had ancient technology to build them and it is there that the astronomical theories are put aside and we begin to talk about ufological phenomena.

In their writings they speak of beings who come from another planet and who ruled the earth for many, many years, this can be reliable proof of extraterrestrial existence and, furthermore, that they have visited the earth since ancient times. Experts continue to develop theories and study all the possibilities of developing the pyramids, but there are no concrete answers to remove the uncertainty.