Do ancient Egyptian curses have more force in the present?

Do ancient Egyptian curses have more force in the present?


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Ancient Egypt and its most famous myths
Many know the history of Ancient Egypt precisely because it is one of the most enigmatic territories in the whole world. It began to be recognized thanks to the largest magnificent pyramids on the planet and some of the oldest buildings, in addition, the discovery of their culture and mummies intensified the curiosity of archaeologists and experts around the world, so there is not a day in the hundreds of scientists are in search of new relics in Egypt.

Among the most famous myths of that territory, we find the looting that took place in the past and the consequences that were unleashed in each of the vandals who dared to desecrate the tombs of the ancient Pharaohs, hence the legend of Tutankhamun. It is said that before its discovery, a large part of the treasures buried with the young Pharaoh had already been stolen, but his sarcophagus had a curse that promised to destroy anyone who opened it.

The curse of ancient Egypt
It is not certain that the first to open the tomb and remove the relics died, but it is known that the people who were on the expedition where the Tutankhamun sarcophagus was found died under strange circumstances. They say they all had extremely strange mental episodes and that at the time of death, the exact cause of death was not known. Scientists say that such a curse does not exist and that all the deceased were elderly, but the conspirators do not think so.

Egypt is a place of care, just as there are beautiful things of great value, so many mysteries are found unsolved. No one ever found Tutankhamun’s body, nor Nefertititi’s, there are lost mummies and others without identification. Perhaps the films are not entirely wrong and there are serious curses all over the sacred territory, perhaps we should not challenge the gods, much less the Pharaohs.