Disturbing mysteries about ancient Egypt that cannot be solved


The ancient Egyptians dominated a large part of the world for about 3000 years and their civilization left a great legacy full of mythology, architectural works and art. But the ancient Egyptians also left behind many mysteries that today’s scholars and archaeologists are unable to solve. Here we show you some of the most enduring mysteries of ancient Egypt.

The disappearance of Nefertititi queen of ancient Egypt
Famous throughout the Egyptian Empire for her beauty, the queen of Egypt Nefertititi was the wife of Akhenaten, a pharaoh of Egypt and she was catalogued as the daughter of the gods and the queen who ruled the Nile River.

And mysteriously, Nefertititi’s records disappear during the twelfth year of Akhenaten’s rule, leaving no trace of her as if she were simply disappeared. Many hypotheses have arisen. One mentions that he fell out of favor with the pharaoh, another one that reigned by changing his name to Nefeneferuaten, and another one that is believed to be the most exact that he died only after ruling for a couple of years to make way for the Tutankhamen and that it was erected as Egypt’s pharaoh. Besides, to add to the mystery, there is no theory that has proved to be Lucia Nefertitti.

And if uncertainty was not enough, the mummy of this queen of Egypt was never found.

The Death of King Tut, Having spoken before Nefertititi, we have that his stepson is also surrounded by mysteries, but unlike his missing stepmother the mummy of Tutankhamun was found. But the mystery surrounding his death remains today.

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King Tut, as Tutankhamen was known, has generated many hypotheses about how he died. Many believe he was killed, but most think it was accidental.

At the same time there are theories that this pharaoh suffered from many diseases but almost all were wrong. In 2005, scientists performed a tomography scan of King Tut’s mummy, which revealed a fracture of one of the legs of the young Pharaoh who had been infected. Other tests showed that he had malaria and bone disorders, all of which were potentially fatal on their own, and even more so when he suffered them at the same time.

But this evidence is inconclusive and the mystery of King Tut’s death continues to puzzle archaeologists and scientists.

The forgotten shoes of ancient Egypt that have no explanation
When you imagine mysteries of ancient Egypt you think of pharaohs or majestic pyramids, it would never occur to you that an object as earthly as shoes would be one of the greatest mysteries of this civilization.

Archaeologists found some shoes in the temple of Luxor. These were in a jar and appeared to have been forgotten in place. Tests determined that they were expensive and foreign-made shoes at the time.

The mysterious thing is that the use of leather shoes was also very rare, since at that time sandals were predominant. The mystery of why these expensive shoes were left there by their owners and even more so in a jar has yet to be solved.