Discover the hidden mysteries of Oxirrinco, the abandoned city of ancient Egypt


Temples, mummified fish and more objects from ancient Egypt are discovered
Egypt hides too many mysteries that have not been solved, however, the discovery of some objects, necropolis and even mummified animals give us a preview of what could have been life in ancient Egypt. Oxirrinco, for example, is one of the most emblematic cities of this territory, this is due to the amount of treasures and mummies that have been found and the amazing things that were discovered, among them, the animal that the member of the God Osiris ate.

Oxyrhynchus is actually the name of a fish, but the city adopted this name because, as mentioned earlier, that animal ate the member of Osiris after he was quartered by his brother Seth. Another important aspect that we must point out is that it was in this city where an ancient sanctuary dedicated to Osiris was found, but it was underground, totally hidden from people. Why would the Egyptians hide something like this? Scientists believe that ceremonies or sacrifices were made there.

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Mummies together in a single chamber increase intrigue about ancient Egypt

Egypt has been characterized by its great protocol at the time of mummification, many speak of it precisely for that reason, but in Oxirrinco a tomb was found where at least 100 mummies were found, all together and without even a decent urn. The main mystery is that many of them have funerary canvases that were used to bury members of Pharaoh’s family, some even with gold ingots on their tongues.

Who were these people? The way they were prepared, they had to be part of the royal family, but then why would they all be buried in one place if royalty was supposed to have burial “privileges”? The problem is that experts cannot study the remains without damaging them in the process, so everything will remain a mystery.