Did the Romans inhabit ancient Egypt?


Archaeologists found paintings from ancient Egypt
Research in the Egyptian territory has increased over the years, due to the number of tombs, mummies and ancient artifacts that were found. However, there are certain aspects or mysteries of Egypt that continue to astonish not only the scientific community but also citizens in general, taking into account the fact that they do not know the whereabouts of the body of Nefertititi, the mystery of the pyramids of Egypt and the supposed iron throne found in a secret chamber of these buildings.

Recently a rather impressive discovery was made, it is a cave paintings dating from a prehistoric era, even older than the Pharaonic era in Egypt and has given us a very revealing fact: The Romans were inhabitants of Egypt before their first Pharaoh took the throne. There are stones and all kinds of valuable material for study, but then people began to wonder if the Pharaohs really became only Egyptians.

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Ancient Egypt and its mysteries
The cave paintings were found almost in perfect condition and their date is so old that it continues to generate impact, however, this aspect must also be studied carefully because if they are so old, it means that at the time when these paintings were made the Egyptian writing was not developed. Before this, a considerable number of people claim that all this was the work of extraterrestrial beings who ruled Egypt until they were betrayed by their own people.

All the hypotheses are currently being evaluated, as are the objects found in the ancient oasis of the Nile River. Now, the theory that the Romans inhabited Egypt in very, very ancient times is not entirely outlandish, but why keep this historically important information hidden?


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