Christianity is a copy of the religion of ancient Egypt

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The Christian religion adopted beliefs from ancient Egypt
There are many religions and cultures around the world, some are older than others, and most represent endless controversy for a variety of reasons, including which is the supreme religion or which is the true God? For Christianity, it is extremely impossible for other gods to exist, however, these people do not take into account that there are cultures older than theirs, in fact, it is said that Christianity is a copy of the Egyptian religion and today we will talk about it a little.

The Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest in the world with the best preserved buildings on the planet, and its culture has been remembered for many years and anthropologists have come to compare some religions with it. The results of the comparisons showed that Christianity has almost completely plagiarized the ancient Egyptian civilization, beginning with the belief in the Most Holy Trinity and culminating in the birth date of the “messiah.

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Ancient Egypt and its gods
religion of agipto equal to critianism

The gods of ancient Egypt were known as Ra, Ptah and Amon. Ra represented the image of a hawk with a kind of halo above his head, he was in charge of the resurrection, he gave faith to all the Egyptian people and meant salvation. In the Christian religion there is an entity very similar to Ra and it is the holy spirit, which has the form of a dove and fulfills certain characteristics similar to the Egyptian God. So is Amon, who has been adopted by Christians as the almighty God.

The case of Ptah is more complex, because this existed long before Jesus the messiah, was the leader of the artisans, builder par excellence and is believed to be descended from the supreme gods Much similar to the story of Jesus? It is unthinkable to say that Christianity innovated in anything when in fact the ancient Egyptians were the first to build and have gods in the East.