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Mysterious artifacts with engravings of “extraterrestrials” and “Nacelle” unearthed in a Mexican cave…


A group of explorers discovered in a Mexican cave evidence of what they claim to be the best evidence of alien contact on Earth.

The explorers recently visited the cave and explored it in detail.

In two cases, researchers made unexpected discoveries, including several stones sculpted with images depicting engravings related to extraterrestrials.

On the surface of the stones, the group of researchers found evidence of what many people interpret as “alien ships” and “humanoid beings”; one of the stones, apparently fractured in the past, evidently shows the upper part of a spaceship with a being that some people believe is not of this world.

The picture shown here contains a presumed alien who is next to a former leader of a pre-Hispanic culture who receives a corn seed, plus some other symbols that have not yet been deciphered; these artifacts have been dubbed “stones of the first encounter”.


The whole story seems too incredible to be true, but is it real?

It is said that local legends speak of a mysterious “boat” that has been hiding somewhere near the caves since time immemorial.

This is the main reason the scout group searched the area three months ago.

His research yielded totally unexpected results. They found what they believe is the definitive proof that aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago and had direct contact with the ancient cultures that inhabited Mexico at that time.

What the discovery suggests or, what implications the group of explorers will have to see.

José Aguayo explained how the INAH -the National Institute of Anthropology- cannot say anything about the discovery because it is not a typical archaeology for a main reason; artifacts describe things that contradict the dominant history and differentiate everything that has been told from our history and origins.

If, at some point, the National Institute of Anthropology and History decided to collect the artefacts, it would have enormous implications for both sides, since the INAH – an official government body – would essentially accept one of the most important “facts”: the existence of non-terrestrial beings, which have directly influenced ancient cultures around the world.

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