Are the reptilian aliens of Sumerian reptilians among us?


If you are a concurrent person on the internet and if, perhaps, you like the whole subject related to mysteries and the paranormal, perhaps the term “reptilian” has appeared to you several times in your browser. Conspiracy theories have always been on the agenda on the Internet and outside of it, in fact, there are associations that are dedicated to trying to uncover the pot of all these conspiracy theories. The Sumerian theory of reptilians is nothing more than a world secretly governed by an organization, perhaps extraterrestrial, with reptilian physical characteristics.

There are many videos, images and so on all over the web as supposed evidence, and you may have seen them, making you think that maybe they were crazy. What if those “assumptions” have a historical basis? The ancient city of Sumer could answer all our questions.

Sumerian, a city that worshipped alien Reptilian Gods.
Sumer is an ancient city, dating back more than four thousand years. C. which makes it one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The Sumerians have been shrouded in mystery since the discovery of their remains. They managed to make complex mathematical deductions, too advanced for the time, as well as knowing exactly what a solar system looked like. Which we took years to discover with all our technology.

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However, all those unanswered mysteries seem to be in the background when we look at the figures that the Sumerians worshipped.

The Anunnakis, as they called it on the tablets found in the remains of Sumer, where they were also called the Creator Gods. For the Sumerians, the Anunnakis had created humans to serve them, but seeing that they were uncontrollable, they decided to leave them alone. All normal to the naked eye, until we see the Sumerian images of their Gods. humanoid-looking creatures with dragon-like heads.

Did the reptilian extraterrestrials teach the Sumerians mathematical and astronomical concepts?
That the Sumerians knew how to use complex mathematical equations and knew exactly what a solar system was like, including an ellipse, is already a mystery that lends itself to conspiracy assumptions. But that they have also represented their Gods in this way is practically a confirmation.


Although there is scepticism among archaeologists, there is no doubt that every time the reptilians are mentioned, we cannot turn to Sumerian civilization and ask ourselves whether they really govern us.