Another sign that Ancient Egypt is related to extraterrestrials?

Another sign that Ancient Egypt is related to extraterrestrials?

Ancient Egypt has always been bathed in a cloak of mystery that has generated hundreds of theories over the years. Its culture, its technology, its constructions and everything it has studied seem to leave more uncertainties than answers. That is why it is not surprising that many theories about their culture revolve around beings from outer space.

A clear example of this is its architectural monuments. How were the pyramids or statues created? Such architectural knowledge seems unthinkable for the time unless, in fact, beings from outer space have intervened.

Extraterrestrial beings from outer space immortalized in ancient Egypt
The “Saqqqara Hungry” seem to be further proof that the people of ancient Egypt were related to aliens. These sculptures, which today rest at Concordia University in Canada, are 67 centimetres high and their features are completely different from the conventional features of the time.

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At first glance they look grotesque with their elongated skulls, protruding lips, flattened nose and large eyes, but who are they and why did they embody them? In fact, the origin of these sculptures is not yet known. They are believed to come from the Saqqqara, the main cemetery of Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt and represent people conquered and enslaved by some ancient ruler who has not been discovered.

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A decade of research on aliens.
Since it was acquired by the University in 1999, research began on its origin, but the more it studied its origin, the greater the uncertainty surrounding it.

According to Clarence Epstein, director of Concordia University, the statues could date back more than 4,000 years or even more, making it a completely unusual discovery, and despite other archaeologists claiming that they are fake objects, Epstein claims that counterfeiters recreate famous, well-known objects. Nobody can fake something like that.

However, Ufology fanatics and Scientologists claim that if it really comes from the tombs of Saqqqara, this is further proof that extraterrestrials have been involved in the development of humanity since ancient times.