Ancient Egypt and the true appearance of its citizens

El antiguo Egipto y el verdadero aspecto de sus ciudadanos

Mysteries of ancient Egypt difficult to solve
The appearance of the ancient Egyptians was questioned after some extremely strange mummies were found. According to the texts, the Egyptians were small subjects, 1.50 or 1.60 meters maximum, with brown skin, black or dark brown hair and slightly thin eyes, however, there is strong evidence that all this information is wrong and the Egyptians were actually of Nordic descent. It turns out that a group of archaeologists found some mummies on an expedition in the vicinity of the pyramids of Egypt.

After many studies, it was concluded that the citizens of ancient Egypt were fair-skinned, with reddish hair and light-eyed eyes. It is also believed that there was a mixture of races and therefore these people did not have the same skin tone, even there are papyrus that confirm that the different human races coexisted in complete harmony in the Pharaonic era and therefore could relate to each other without any problem. Either way, it is very difficult to determine which of these theories is true, so everything remains a mystery.

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It is not yet known who built the Sphinx in ancient Egypt.
Another mystery that has not been solved is the true builder of the sphinx, which is very close to the most famous pyramids in the world. According to historians and archaeologists, Khafre was in charge of the construction of the building together with the second great pyramid, but there are no records that can prove this fact, likewise, other Pharaohs made modifications to the sphinx in order to eliminate the sand that covered it up to the neck and turn it into a lasting monument.

On the other hand, the purpose of the pyramids of Egypt continues to be part of the discussions among archaeologists, because if they were built to serve as a resting place for Pharaoh’s family, where are the mummies? So far no body has been found and that is really strange.