Ancient Egypt and its interaction with aliens

Ancient Egypt and its interaction with aliens.

In the middle of the year, the discovery of strange statues was announced, which surprised the entire scientific community. They were called “The Hungry of Saqqara” and they are two creatures with extremely elongated skulls, who look at each other with an expression of pain.

One more reason to believe that alien creatures were in Ancient Egypt. However, there are many other theories that could confirm the relationship of this civilization with aliens, which still do not get a logical answer from conventional science.

Did aliens interact with ancient Egypt?
When Ancient Egypt is mentioned, it is inevitable not to think how they were able to build such wonderful monuments as the Pyramids without even knowing the wheel. The most obvious questions can be summed up as to how they were able to move blocks of more than fifty tons that were in quarries more than three hundred kilometers away. Or how they could place it, one by one, in such an exact position to assemble the Great Pyramid.

It is for reasons like these that many theorists claim that the inhabitants of ancient Egypt must have had much more advanced interaction with civilizations than they did, none of which on Earth could have been, as they all had similar technology. The most logical thing is the most incredible thing in this case, because alien beings are mentioned who were the ones who made possible the construction of all the Egyptian monuments.

Ancient Egypt and its interaction with aliens

Were the pyramids of ancient Egypt built with alien technology?
The majestic pyramids of Egypt to this day still generate more doubts than clear answers for science in general. This has caused many theories to be believed around them, the most accepted being that which mentions that the inhabitants of ancient Egypt must have received advanced extraterrestrial technological assistance or that it was the extraterrestrials themselves who built them.

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Although many people think that these claims detract from our ancestors, the truth is that there are many more mysteries, not only related to the pyramids, but to culture in general. Conventional scientists claim that the Great Pyramid was a tomb, but mummies were never found in it, there are no commemorative hieroglyphics, or that explain what its function was.

Ancient Egypt and its interaction with aliens

Strange hieroglyphics in Ancient Egypt
There are strange inscriptions that, in some cases, represent figures that can easily be interpreted as airplanes, strange beings with an appearance that does not seem to be from this planet, and even giants. However, there are several “mythological” reasons for these representations. But some of these hieroglyphics were not written with a mythological mysticism, in fact, they mention it as experiences, so their authors could suggest that aliens were linked to ancient Egypt.

Similarly, it is a bit impossible to imagine how the ancient Egyptians were able to cut and mold rocks with such precision to build their monuments without any advanced technology.

Ancient Egypt and its interaction with aliens

Therefore, the theory that there could be advanced technological evidence in the ruins of ancient Egypt and that modern archaeology is in charge of hiding so as not to cause a stir, has always been present. In fact, it is thought that the ruling pharaohs of the Egyptian dynasties had access to electricity. Those who defend this theory always cite Dendera’s Bulb and the so-called “Baghdad Batteries” as examples.

Added to this is last year’s discovery of the Great Pyramid of Giza and its capacity to accumulate energy within it, which might lead one to think that the ancient Egyptians did indeed know electricity.