A civilization as strange as its origin. The Etruscans


The earth is plagued with mysteries about the origins of its oldest civilizations. Many are still a question mark for world historians and archaeologists dedicate their lives to discovering at least one single secret within tombs, hieroglyphics and rocks. If we are to talk about remote civilizations, the Etruscans are a perfect example. A civilization that was established mainly in Tuscany, Italy, but whose origin and origin is unknown. The Etruscans are still a mystery to the world and years of exploration have not been helpful in revealing their secrets.

The Etruscans, an enigma for the land.
When speaking of this civilization, what stands out most is the great beauty that characterized them and is mentioned in many of the writings found in contemporary civilizations to them. What was most surprising, however, was the very opposite personality they possessed, compared to the rest of the populations of the time.

The Etruscans were libertine; they liked to dance, the wine. The feasts were considered a tradition for them, the same with sexual debauchery. They were really exhibitionist characters who, many times, made the rest of the population uncomfortable.

Etruscan land

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However, their civilization was also characterized by their ability to make fertile whatever land they sowed on, as well as being great traders and having an enviable capacity to expand their territories.

But where did they come from? Are they from the earth?
Of unknown origin.

According to the skeletons found, in addition to their tablets where we can see their writings, paintings and sculptures, it is obvious that the Etruscans were not native people of Europe, much less of Tuscany.

So, how did they get there? Analyses carried out on the blood groups of the natives found have not been able to clarify the origin or provenance of this civilisation. The theories surrounding the Etruscans speak of an Albanian origin, others say that, perhaps, they are shepherds who mixed with some race much older than what we have not yet been able to know.

Whatever the case, the beautiful characteristics of its inhabitants and its libertine and festive personality, together with its prosperous shops and harvests that helped it to create a fame that travelled almost all over Europe, is it really an enigma for the world, was there really a race with such perfect characteristics or was it something else?