If you’re Rh negative, you can have alien ancestry. Are we programmed?

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Were we altered and generically created by aliens?
Do you know your blood type? Every human being on this planet has any type of blood O, A, B, or AB, and within these types, either Rh negative or RH positive blood. Rhesus factor (Rh) refers to a specific antigen in the blood. If your blood lacks the Rh antigen, you are Rh negative. If your blood has the antigen, it’s Rh positive. Approximately 85% of the population possesses the antigen. And only 15% don’t have it, these are considered’Rh negative’.

Why do people with negative HR blood types have high IQs and why do they feel they are different from others?

Many mysteries are hidden in human health precisely in blood and DNA. Up to 85 percent of people have a gene for the monkey called Rh factor (Rh factor) and have been given the name of the Rhesus monkey, for whom this gene is first discovered.

Scientists have conducted trials to find the difference between NEGATIVE and POSITIVE RH.

The findings were amazing. People with RH negative are above-average intelligence, hypocritical, have the lowest body temperature, greater sensitivity to heat and sunlight, cannot get RH positive donor transfusion, have reddish hair color or blue hair color, green eyes or dark brown! Some of them even have extra vertebrae or ribs!

Negative RH blood did not inherit the original evolutionary pathway, but rather betrays some kind of artificial intervention. This also explains our advanced DNA.

We must remember that in Iraq, 18,000 Sumerian clay tablets have been found that clearly describe the process that genetically altered the human race, and its name is Anunnaki. Its symbol is two twisted snakes, representing the double spiral spiral of human DNA, which is still used as a symbol in the medical profession today.

The Annunaki are an intelligent and technologically highly developed reptile civilization of the planet Nibiru that has an elliptical orbit, according to the worshippers of this theory. According to them, the earth is their colony after the last ten thousand years – that is, after a great flood in which Atlantis and Lemuria disappeared.

Although all the world’s religions hide the truth, the Anunnaki developed us through genetic engineering, but we are not physically and emotionally similar to them. Molecular biologists have found that human DNA has 25,000 genes consisting of more than 3 billion chemical bases. It is assumed that 27% of our DNA is unnecessary, i.e. dysfunctional!

This amazing discovery led scientists to believe that perhaps our genetic code was written by an alien programmer who wrote two versions of our genetic code, a great code and a source code.

This has led many scientists to consider that our genetic code is written by an alien programmer who has written two types of code: basic and large.

Our dysfunctional DNA is hidden and sleepy, so only our new code works. The data shows that our genetic programmer deliberately disabled many genes and let us use only 3% of our DNA!

RH negative blood types are one of the most fascinating blood types to investigate. In the study of human genetics, we have come across the idea that we can inherit characteristics from our ancestors, except in some cases of mutation. We must bear in mind that there are numerous combinations for the characteristics of traits inherited from our ancestors.

Therefore, if man and monkey evolved from a common ancestor, their blood should have evolved in the same way. Factors such as blood are transmitted much more accurately than any other characteristic. All other primates also have the Rh factor.

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So if humanity managed to evolve from the same ancestor, shouldn’t its blood be compatible in all cases? shouldn’t we have the same blood?

But the reality is not like that! Rh-positive blood dates back to the Rhesus monkey and all other primates, but Rh-negative blood does not. In fact, it cannot be located anywhere else in nature.

Another curious fact.. When the mother is Rh negative and the father is Rh positive, the baby may inherit the Rh factor from the father. Therefore make your offspring Rh positive. If that happens, an Rh-negative mother can abort the baby. Why?

This occurs for the same reason that man cannot reproduce with one mule to create another mule. All animals and other living things known to man can reproduce with any other of their kind. Size and color make no difference. However, two types of species cannot be mixed.

If they do, something called hemolytic disease occurs. This is the same allergic reaction that occurs when an Rh negative mother is carrying an Rh positive child. Your blood collects antibodies to destroy foreign substances (in the same way that a virus would), destroying the fetus – why does a mother’s body reject her own offspring? Nowhere else in nature does this happen, naturally. This fact alone points to the real possibility that there has been a cross between two similar but generically different species.

The interesting thing is, almost no one has tried to explain where Rh negative people come from. Most people familiar with blood variables assume that these people must be a mutation because they are not descendants of a different ancestor. If Rh-negative is a mutation, what caused the mutation?

Why is the Rh-negative factor so violently rejected if it is of one’s own ancestry? Who was this ancestor?

The Basque people of Spain and France have the highest percentage of Rh negative blood. About 30% have Rh-negative blood and about 60% have an Rh-negative gene. The average among most people is only 15% Rh negative.

Eastern Israeli Jews also have a high percentage of negative RH in their population, although most other eastern Jews have only about 1% Rh-negative.

Negative HR also tend to have strange characteristics about themselves that are not common to most other people in society, such as:

A sense of not belonging
Seekers of truth
Sense of a “mission” in life
Empathy and compassion for humanity
One additional rib or vertebrae
Higher than average intelligence index
Extrasensory Perception Capability (ESP)
Love for Space & Science
More sensitive vision and other improved senses.
The increase of psychic / intuitive capacities
Low body temperature
High blood pressure (some say lower)
Predominantly blue, green, or Hazel eyes
Red or reddish dye to hair color
Increased sensitivity to heat and sunlight
Unexplained scars
Empathic diseases
Ability to alter electrical devices
Experience strange phenomena
Psychic dreams
Prone to alien abductions
Cannot be cloned
Here are some other personality characteristics that are commonly found (According to the Japanese who talk about blood type personalities much more often in their culture than we do, a person’s HR factor makes no difference when it comes to personality characteristics… Therefore, even Rh-positive people, especially those with the recessive gene, may also have the same HR personality characteristics as negative people with the same blood type.