You let them experiment on humans? This is the president who made a pact with an alien race

You let them experiment on humans? This is the president who made a pact with an alien race


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Extraterrestrial race experimented on humans
The issue of extraterrestrials has taken on a lot of force in recent years, especially in U.S. territory, as it is there where more UFO sightings have been reported, there are even some indications and evidence of abductions, the main problem is that the world’s top authorities do not believe that these phenomena have actually occurred, even NASA have taken charge of distorting everything related to extraterrestrials, but why do they refuse to believe in the alien existence?

The conspiracy fanatics have a very likely theory to tell the truth, as they mention that these people do know that extraterrestrials do exist and that in fact, they allow them to enter our planet to do what they want to do with humanity. At first no one was able to accept this hypothesis, however, an important person in politics made several statements confirming these facts, even revealing the name of one of the presidents who made treaties with aliens.

Eisenhower made a pact with an alien race
The former president of Mexico, Miguel Alemán, said at an important meeting that he believed in the existence of beings from another world and that he knew that the President of the United States of that time, Eisenhower, had allowed a race of aliens called “Dwarf Greys” to enter the planet and kidnap as many humans as possible to conduct experiments on them, in return, these creatures were to be given weapons and advanced technology.

This is not the first time that such allegations have come to light, so it doesn’t seem at all far-fetched that this really happened. He also said the military had taken the President to a strategic site to show him some alien corpses and starships. Some associate this with the Roswell accident, but perhaps it was the other accidents and weather impacts on earth they tried to hide.