Would language be a problem in communicating with aliens?

¿EL lenguaje sería un problema para poder comunicarnos con los extraterrestres?

The alien language could be similar to ours.
Scientists have focused on searching for alien life in any corner of the universe and that is a positive point in history, however, they are ignoring the fact that in the event that any signs of alien life are actually found in any galaxy in space, they would not be able to communicate properly with them because the exact language of these creatures is simply not known. Despite having good documentation of ancient civilizations that apparently had alien contact, the theories are no more than great hypotheses.

In ancient Mesopotamia, for example, the official language, so to speak, was Sumerian and if we go to the scriptures of this civilization we find that they were “ruled” by beings from another world for many centuries, in this sense we can understand that this alien race speaks Sumerian, but then what languages do the other extraterrestrial creatures around the universe possess? Because according to many conspirators, there are at least 20 types of aliens only in the nearest neighboring galaxies.

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Alien language is a mystery that is intended to solve
Although many try to claim that extraterrestrials could understand us and vice versa, the chances of that happening are really low, this is because they do not belong to the same planet as us, we do not know their ways of life and even less if they are intelligent creatures. Some experts who believe in the ufological phenomenon say that space beings possess a higher intelligence than we do and that they could decipher our language in a short period of time, as claimed by people who have been abducted by extraterrestrials.

For this reason, scientists have multiplied their laboratory projects to send messages to space, because they are convinced that some creature is going to discover it, decipher it and then know that in this corner of the universe, there is human life that has intelligence, machinery and the intention of being preserved on earth and on other planets.