Why don’t aliens walk freely among us?

¿Por qué los extraterrestres no caminan libremente entre nosotros?


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Theory of extraterrestrial existence surprises ufologists
For many years there have been rumors that we are not alone in the universe, in fact, some people have presented evidence confirming the existence of extraterrestrial beings, including some photos and videos of suspected UFO sightings and abductions in different parts of the world. On the other hand, there has always been the thought that aliens are going to destroy us and take over our planet, but what if the destroyers are human beings?

It is very likely that our eagerness to innovate and evolve is responsible for the destruction of other planets of our solar system in even other galaxies existing so far and this theory is not completely crazy, even there are scientists who argue that if we have increased environmental pollution almost to 80% in this century, the chances of ending any kind of extraterrestrial life form are very high.

We haven’t found the aliens because they don’t want to be discovered.
The scientist Alexander Berezin says that most likely extraterrestrials exist on planets far from our solar system. They may have supreme intelligence and possess the greatest technology, yet they have no intention of intervening in humanity. Now, we humans are completely different, because to create something, we always end up destroying it and that is what is feared in the future. The different missions that will be carried out in space can mean a change in the history and purpose of extraterrestrial life.

The scientist took as an example the existing anthills in the construction zones. While humans build large buildings for society, they destroy anthills and the same can happen with life in space. It is not necessary that they be creatures as described by historians or conspirators, even small microorganisms could evolve and we would destroy them without thinking. Extraterrestrial beings have realized that and that’s why they stay away.