Were we created by aliens? The theory of genetic engineering

Are we an alien genetic engineering creation? Alternative discoveries and theories that tend to contradict

Are we an alien genetic engineering creation? Alternative discoveries and theories that often contradict established and accepted knowledge are never well regarded by ancient civilization scholars, astronomers or archaeologists. This is one of the obstacles that humanity has in its own discovery, in the search for the truth about our origins.

In many expeditions to ancient Egypt, sufficient evidence has been found to contradict the orthodox concepts of our origins and to claim that extraterrestrials actually visited the planet and through genetic engineering created humans.

Are we an extraterrestrial genetic engineering creation?
It took humanity thousands of years to master the genetic alteration. Thanks to this engineering we can modify aspects of a person before they are born. Her hair color, her eyes, her height. These are some of the things that can be changed and, although much of humanity disagrees, science continues to advance and, sooner rather than later, scientists will be able to create life from scratch’.

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What’s this got to do with anything?

Simple; many ancient Egyptian civilizations believed that humans had been created by gods from space to serve them. The descriptions found in hieroglyphics and tablets more than 4,000 years old are surprising, to say the least. Reptilian-like beings descending from the heavens.

YES to that we added the physical, mathematical and even more surprising, astronomical knowledge that they possessed at the time, without instruments or equipment that made possible a study of the solar system. Everything seems to indicate that the knowledge was taught by beings who were familiar with space.

genetic engineering

Genetic engineering could be the key to the mystery of extraterrestrials
If we could learn to handle genetic engineering, wouldn’t more advanced beings have the ability to create life much more easily? In fact, if we analyze what the Bible says, it could be interpreted that the creation of Adam and then Eve could only be a scientific process explained in a rustic and little detailed way.