We reveal the extraterrestrial identity of Jesus Christ


The search for intelligent life beyond the Earth’s orbit is a subject in which science has put much interest throughout history, especially in recent years, in which have been implemented the impressive technological advances in space exploration, with the aim of unraveling all the mysteries of the universe. In this sense, recently the Astronomical Observatory of the Vatican made a scientific convention with invitation to the most famous astronomers, astrophysicists and astrobiologists of the world to discuss the possible extraterrestrial identity of Jesus Christ.

Our Extraterrestrial Brother

Jesucristo extraterrestre

The Bible records that Jesus himself on more than one occasion being questioned about his origin said, “my kingdom is not of this world“, implying that it belonged to a alien place to the planet Earth. Around this central idea, Vatican thinkers have put forward the thesis that Jesus Christ came to Earth as part of an extraterrestrial incursion to carry out a special mission.

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Precisely to deal with this matter, they called the rest of the scientific community to consider their allegations from different points of view, according to the specialty of study and philosophical position of each. It should be noted that the consensual conclusions arising from the deliberations raised in this convention are truly impressive, aiming definitively at the extraterrestrial identity of Jesus Christ.

The first thing to note is that Jesus wouldn’t be the only alien in history, for he didn’t act in isolation or alone, but was the central character of a mission involving a complete delegation of alien beings transfigured in human form or angelic, beginning with John the Baptist and the angel Gabriel who prepared the scene for the arrival of Jesus to the Earth through a birth of extraordinary characteristics.

The virgin Mary was an ordinary human woman, yet she was chosen from all women to be supernaturally inseminated and combine in her womb the extraterrestrial genetic material with the human, which produced a perfect union in the person of Jesus.

There are many other clues that support this thesis, which will be discussed in future meetings of this type, which we’ll be very attentive to get you the results.

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