Video of an alien on our planet causes a stir among Internet users


The alien was alive while he was being recorded.
Evidence of extraterrestrial sightings has been gathered for some years, in fact, the most famous are those leaked photographs of the Roswell incident in 1947 when a UFO crashed in the United States and a lot of extraterrestrial bodies were found in the vicinity of the accident. Since that event, the number of people who believe that we are not alone in the universe and that these beings have been visiting us for many years has increased. Now new evidence has been published and it seems to be 100% real.

An anonymous subject who presented himself under the pseudonym of Victor, published an amazing video of an alien in an alleged laboratory and speculations began to emerge. According to Victor himself, the alien was at the S-4 secret military base, which is located a few miles from the mythical 51st area. Some people say that alien interrogations are carried out at these facilities, so it is very likely that several of their races are held there.

The alien’s video was not tampered with.

In the audio-visual media you can detail an alien being held on a laboratory table. Apparently it belongs to the tall grey race due to its large, oval head and completely black eyes. The video was thoroughly reviewed by media experts and found no evidence of tampering, so the evidence is indeed concrete.

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According to Victor, he was being interviewed to find out more about his race, the planet he came from and the intentions they had for humans. It was discovered that this alien was captured in 1989 and held captive to prevent citizens from becoming aware of his existence.

But it also became known that there are more of these beings on the S-4 military base. On the other hand, many make reference to the fact that Victor could not have acted alone when revealing the video. This conclusion was reached after the subject mentioned that he had addressed many television channels, including the most prestigious ones, and that none were interested in the video. This is suspicious, because if they weren’t interested in the material, they would have had to leak the information so it would have been known that someone was spreading the alien existence.

That makes many wonder if there was a high-ranking military official who will help him get the video and get away unharmed from all the places he visited to post that video.