US Army capture extraterrestrial


An impressive video has become viral on the network generating mixed feelings in the general public, especially among Americans, since it can be observed in assumptions of the U.S. Army, moving on a stretcher to an alien captured after the ship where he was traveling rushed to land, because of a breakdown that caused an accident.

It’s evident that this multimedia material has generated a great controversy, since many defend its authenticity, whereas others are inclined to assure that it is a montage.

The experts say

Several specialists in ufology have given their opinion from the technical point of view, confirming the veracity of the audiovisual evidence presented, also add that this is the most convincing evidence that has emerged until now of the existence of extraterrestrial beings, who for thousands of years visit our planet and maintain important alliances, with the leaders of the main powers of the Earth.

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In the video that you can see below, the alleged alien dies because of the unexpected accident suffered by the spacecraft in which he moved, then arrive at the place military officers who seize the body and take it to a secret military base, with the dual purpose of performing forensic analysis on the body and also so that no one will know what happened.

However, the detractors of this video claim that it’s a montage made with highly advanced special effects software special effects, among other factors, it creates suspicion that the military did not use a suit designed to provide special protection against possible unknown pathogens, taking into account that the specimen in question was presumably an unknown species.

The ufologists respond to these affirmations saying, that it can be a species of the many with which it has had contact in previous occasions, reason why the military would have nothing to fear.

However, we encourage you to enjoy the video and express your own conclusions in our comments section. As well as you can share it in your networks so your friends join the diatribe.