An incredible close encounter with an extraterrestrial being took place in Pachacamac , Lima (Peru). The meeting took place at 2 am on Monday, August 22 and was documented by the surveillance cameras of the station of a service station and other witnesses of the highway.
The case is unprecedented as there are several evidences of this strange being, in the first video we can see the alien appears at the top of the screen, as if waiting for the right or most appropriate time to escape the view of the track workers. Is this the final proof that we are visited?
In the first scene you can see a policeman talking, then further away the being appears in front of them and not being able to identify him decide to pursue him, reportedly the creature was “floating” and thus managed to move.
Employee Juan Mauricio Morales was the first to have close contact with the creature , he later called his colleagues to also witness for themselves what he was seeing. This being later crosses the highway “Panamericana Sur” and seems to be run over by a bus that passed through the place, although this fact didn’t cause him any damage. For the first time is a being of light manifested?
The witnesses describe him with red eyes, two “legs” and arms, his head bigger than normal and with a height of approximately 90 centimeters. The employees of the place claim that the being visited the place, but they wonder, what was it doing there at 3:30 AM?
To confirm authenticity there’s a second video, in which two people manage to document the extraterrestrial gaining it with the cell phone while “walking” along the route.
The researcher’s channel Ana Luisa Cid , offers four extraordinary videos about this spectacular close encounter with a real extraterrestrial . Below we share the videos and a link to a full research report:

Part 1 (security camera):

Part 2 (approach and filters):

Part 3 (phone video):

Part 4 (interview witnesses):