UFO sighting by Google Maps reaffirms extraterrestrial existence



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Google Maps satellite captured the remains of a UFO of extraterrestrial origin
Google maps has captured several strange situations in different areas of the world and, although it is not possible to verify with accuracy that each one of them is UFOs, the people who have been able to see the images are undoubtedly convinced that we are not alone in the universe. This time, the application shows us an apparent alien ship that may have crashed on Starbuck Island, which is located in the Pacific Ocean.

There aren’t many details, but the island is under investigation by the UFO of presumed extraterrestrial origin.

The island measures 3.5 km from north to south and 8.9 km from east to west. Google maps shows the image of a ship flying over the island, but its landing was very violent. Since this discovery, Starbuck Island has been the subject of many investigations, both for its geological conditions and for the apparent UFO. In fact, it is ufologists and scientists in general who have begun to put forward some hypotheses that may explain the impact of the UFO on the island.

While some maintain that the weather conditions on the deserted island caused the ship to crash in a startling manner, others say that it has most likely gone out of control due to technical faults. Those who maintain the second theory mention the atmospheric differences between the earth and what the UFO possibly had. On the other hand, people are increasingly convinced that extraterrestrials exist and that they have been able to visit our planet on many, many opportunities, and this, in a way, manages to awaken fear in a large number of subjects.

People feel insecure, even more so when NASA continues to deny extraterrestrial existence regardless of all the audiovisual evidence presented to them. In addition, some conspirators claim that the United States has withheld valuable information about alien life and that it is the members of the government who are prohibited from providing such information to NASA.