Two huge sunken alien bases were discovered in Google Earth


It is well known by all in the scientific community and among specialized researchers that our planet has undergone various processes of change to become as we know it today, therefore many territories that housed sophisticated civilizations today are under the sea.

Which means that if we want to collect real information about the origin of humanity we can’t stop to scan only the surface of the earth, but we must go to the bottom of the ocean, where there are infinite evidence of ancestral alien civilizations that inhabited the Earth, such as these two huge sunken alien bases that were discovered in Google Earth.

The first discoveries

The first of a sequence of discoveries of this type was made in July of last year and published on YouTube by the user MEXICOGEEK. In the aforementioned multimedia material there’s clearly a colossal structure, immersed in the coasts of California (USA), it has a fascinating symmetrical design that allows us to rule out that it’s a natural formation.

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This first finding gave rise to all sorts of hypotheses and conjectures in the ufological community and among conspiracy theorists who soon stated that these elaborated structures could be the remains of an ancient alien civilization, or perhaps the ruins of some sacred temple dedicated to Dagon, the fish god, which is a hybrid half human half fish.

We still don’t have the conclusive data of this investigation contributed by experts in the matter, however, what is dismissed of plane is that this base sunk in the sea discovered in Google Earth is of natural origin, more so if we take into account that later was discovered a similar building under territorial waters of Belize, in Central America.

The most impressive fact of the second finding is that in the mentioned base was a secret tunnel that, according to its address and coordinates provided by the Google satellite, leads directly to the Californian submarine base, a fact that confirms that they are not fortuitous formations of nature, but were built by some intelligent species, terrestrial or extraterrestrial, hundreds of thousands of years ago.

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