Three UFOs captured flying over the moon increase theories about extraterrestrial life

Tres Ovnis captados sobrevolando la luna incrementan teorías sobre la vida extraterrestre


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Algo salió mal.

The moon can be a garage of UFOs and home to aliens.

The phenomena that have occurred on the moon for many, many years have made many people keep in mind that extraterrestrials do exist, in fact, since the first mission to the moon, many were dissatisfied with the lack of information from the crew of Apollo 11, it was too suspicious that they did not give too many details about something as shocking as our natural satellite and even more, that they evaded questions about alien civilizations and UFOs, from there, the theories about extraterrestrial life on the moon were increasing.

One of the most accepted theories is that the moon is a hollow celestial body, home to a highly evolved civilization and much more intelligent than the human race. There are indications that astronauts participating in all moon expedition missions are aware of this fact, however, on orders from the United States and NASA, they have been unable to disclose this information.

An astronomer recorded three extraterrestrial UFOs flying over the moon

An amateur astronomer was recording the moon as he usually did, in the video you can see the satellite with its characteristic craters, it was in its half-moon phase. Within minutes, 3 oval objects flew over the surface of the moon and this caused shock and terror to the subject, who immediately viralized the video on his YouTube account. Some people who were able to see the video think that it could be helium balloons that passed just as the astronomer was filming the moon, others say that it was meteorites or satellites.

But, the large size of the objects, the synchrony and the speed at which they were mobilized refer to the fact that they are extraterrestrial spacecraft. Anyway, ufologists are in the middle of a discussion to find out what these strange objects are.