They discover indications that extraterrestrial life exists

They discover indications that extraterrestrial life exists


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Alien life could be found on nearby planets
Doubts about extraterrestrial life forms that can be found anywhere in the universe have existed since the last century, because for some scientists, the idea that there are other creatures even more powerful and intelligent than the human race is really impossible, but we must take into account the number of phenomena that have been recorded and the potentially increased number of kidnappings and UFO sightings on the planet. Despite all this, a known scientist decided to talk and provide information on the location of a possible alien civilization.

Mars is one of the planets that NASA has studied for many years, in fact, material has been collected from its surface and from there began speculations about possible extraterrestrial civilizations that might exist in the universe, hence the idea that these creatures were called “Martian” because they were believed to live on Mars. Soviet physicist Roald Sagdeyev mentioned that this is where NASA should be looking harder than on the moon.

Alien life is on Mars.
After these statements came to light, the conspirators could not help but think that NASA was hiding something. First of all, the way in which overnight all the investigations and future expeditions that were scheduled for the next few years to Mars were suspended for no apparent reason, it is as if they had found the creatures they denied so much and now pretend to hide their existence from us at any cost.

The same is true of moon expeditions, and there are theories that aliens managed to build special machines that would allow them not only to visit the earth, but also to settle on other planets and natural satellites in the galaxy to preserve their species. The Russian scientist confessed that NASA had grown up in space only because of competition, but they have discovered so much that it is possible that everything could get out of hand.