These are Parravicini’s most striking prophecies about extraterrestrial beings

Estas son las profecías más impactantes sobre seres extraterrestres de Parravicini


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Parravicini told several prophecies about extraterrestrials
Prophecies about the existence of extraterrestrial life have been widespread for many years, specifically in the last century, when UFO and alien sightings began to occur, however, Benjamin Solari Parravicini, an Argentine painter, began drawing a series of pictographs in 1936 in which he explained that there were beings living outside our planet and that they were coming to visit their spaceships in the form of saucers.

The man made at least 700 of these drawings and distributed them to his acquaintances with some legends written underneath the pictogram or on the back, explaining the theme of each drawing and the extraterrestrial prophecy he wanted to capture and spread. The people who had the pictograms claimed that the artist was very precise about what he wanted to detail and that they had no doubt that in the future, aliens would come to earth.

The prophecy about how scientists would be blinded to not accept extraterrestrial life

According to Parravicini in 1940, “In the future many alien ships will visit us and a great many people will be kidnapped, but science will be blind and will not believe anything until it can be verified. After a few years, he will begin to doubt his own judgment and then, when nothing can be avoided and our patience is over, he will believe “By this he means that science needs to see to believe and when it comes to extraterrestrials, if there is nothing concrete to explain the events, they simply choose to ignore.

In 1972, Parravicini said that the inhabitants of the moon would begin to speak and that his voice would silence the humans. He also said that there are beings on the moon and that they will still be there, they have always been there. With this we can base the strange buildings that have been seen through the probes that observe the natural satellite. All these prophecies are being fulfilled little by little, only it remains for science to finish accepting that we are not alone.