The woman who had a love affair with an alien


The Proxima Centauri system is a constellation adjacent to our solar system, constituting the habitat of an intelligent species very similar to humans. It’s well known in the ufological world that the inhabitants of this neighboring location like to visit our galaxy and have a special taste to delight in the landscapes of the Earth to appreciate our women and to bathe in the ocean. It was precisely in one of these intergalactic walks that the alien Akon met Elizabeth Klarer, the woman who had an affair with an alien and told it the world in her autobiography.

A revealing relationship

Ms. Klarer, who died in 1994 at the age of 84, recounted at the time that although she came to cultivate strong sentimental ties with her alien partner, this could be described more as an intellectual relationship, in which she received much wisdom of his extraterrestrial lover, who helped her to comprehend widely the universe and revealed to her impressive mysteries of the cosmos.

One of the most important revelations that Klarer received from his partner was about the true origin of humanity, according to his story we humans have many relatives on different planets and places of the universe, since the ancestral human population arose on the planet Venus and at a certain moment in history, long ago, were forced to migrate in different groups to different locations of the cosmos, because of a sulfuric rain that hit our mother planet.

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For this reason it can be affirmed that in a very elemental sense Akon was also human, just that from another planet and that fact made possible that he could establish a relationship with Elizabeth, with whom he begot a child of hybrid nature, since he had human inclinations but also exhibited an open mind, which allowed him to have an extraordinary understanding of the universe and the essential issues of life.

It’s impressive the level of familiarity that we can have with the aliens, so much that they walk between us and apparently more than one likes the idea of mingling with humans.


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