The secrets of the pyramids: Nefertititi kidnapped by aliens?

Los secretos de las pirámides: ¿Nefertiti secuestrada por extraterrestres?


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Ancient Egypt has many mysteries with an alien background that are still unsolved
Egypt has had the attention of thousands of archaeologists and scientists for many, many centuries and it is not for nothing, after all, that one of the 7 wonders of the world is found there and it is home to the ancient Pharaohs, and, as far as we know, it was the center of one of the most important civilizations of mankind, of which there is evidence that it has had contact with aliens. We will probably spend a lifetime discovering unsolved mysteries, such as the disappearance or potential alien abduction of Nefertititi, one of the most beautiful women of ancient Egypt.

Nefertititi was the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten in the 12th century B.C. Her legend is famous because just 14 years after her husband’s mandate, she mysteriously disappeared and no one else saw her again. Many say she was killed or became a male leader, but theories have recently come to light about a possible abduction by an as yet unidentified alien race.

Nefertititi abducted by extraterrestrial beings from another dimension
The withdrawal of the gods chosen by other space civilizations from the earth was not a simple return to their dimensions, great sculptures and structures were torn down, the powers granted to the pharaohs and earthly elect were stripped away and many women and children were taken to other extra-solar distances to live a life of bliss or torture. Complex scriptures still under revision can recount the moments when the Pharaohs were punished by the death of mortals and the suffering of disease.

The goddess Nefertititi, worthy of the forgiveness of races such as the Greys and the Anunnakis, could have been carried across the cosmic bridges established in the pyramids to have a life worthy of a celestial being and not only for her supreme beauty, but also for her noble spirit that did not yearn for the power that the pharaohs had overcome, obtaining the revenge of the Anunnakis that would unleash the end of the Egyptian civilizations that spread throughout the Nile valley.