The military man who received telepathic messages from an alien being in binary code


A sergeant who works for the US Army chose to remain anonymous using a nickname in order to bring this case to light; all of this in order to give protection to his family and avoid the mockery of the skeptical public.

On June 29, 2015, the retired military man “CJ” was traveling from Richmond Hill Georgia to a military camp in Colorado Springs, where he had been ordered to go. CJ, along with his family, hoped to make a technical stop in Atlanta. But CJ began to experience a state of drowsiness, very common in events of extraterrestrial contact. The former army sergeant had strayed many miles from his route without realizing it, but the most worrying thing is that this happened after sighting a real UFO.

CJ told the journalist and researcher LINDA MOULTON HOWE that her specialty in the military consisted of identifying airborne objects, which somehow facilitated the details of the UFO description that CJ witnessed. CJ had been in front of a giant ship with a size close to three football fields.

Sergeant CJ said that the UFO was a very luminous object in which he had gotten to see in his fuselage some strange writings that made him remember to the Greek symbols. CJ and perhaps also all his family entered in a state of hypnosis provoked by this UFO. The family disoriented in time, ended up moving to Wothirte in Georgia, a place that was very far from Atlanta, place where later CJ accomplishment arrives after correcting the course of its march. CJ and his family had had a “lack of time” experience in which they didn’t remember exactly what had happened and why they were late.

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Código binario, mensaje recibido por CJ

CJ and his family went to a hotel in Kentucky. The next morning when CJ woke up, he was sitting in one of the hotel rooms with a pencil in his hand and on the other the hotel bill; for his Surprise the back side of the bill was completely written of binary numbers, which probably he had written during the night in a state of hypnosis. For many researchers, this could be an extraterrestrial message.

From that date until October 2016, CJ had recurring need to write codes that appeared in his mind. A well-known researcher and scientist named Jonas Drug, carried out the work of trying to decipher the binary code written by CJ; other scientists who were also experts in coding data audited its results.

The code message sent by alleged extraterrestrial beings says the following:

“Incessant defense of humanity 49.27n 11.5c. Show hidden knowledge to all citizens. Imperative advance for planetary survival. Beware of Orion 1350.3 and Ruticuli 39.1? 70. Avoid sending (signal) messages.”

We must remember that the system Zeta Reticuli is the stellar system where it’s theorized that lives the extraterrestrial race that today we know as “the grays”.

“Imminent danger very close to the leaders and peoples of the earth. Make public knowledge hidden to all citizens. Perform a joint and controlled study for all minds. Progress is essential for combined survival”.

If you want to know more about the messages received by CJ we invite you to watch the following video: