The earth has harbored extraterrestrial life and scientists are hiding it.

La tierra ha albergado vida extraterrestre y los científicos la ocultan

They’re here, alien life is on earth.
For more than a century scientists have made us believe that extraterrestrials do not exist and that all reports are only the product of people’s imagination or, in their absence, hallucinations due to the consumption of psychotropic substances. However, these experts have not been able to distort the photographic evidence and audiovisual media collected from the most recent ufological phenomena and this is a concern for the governments of the world which, according to anonymous sources, have a treaty to hide the fact that extraterrestrials have visited the earth and live among us.

This theory is not at all far-fetched, and if we recall the incident in Roswell, it all makes sense. In Roswell you could see all the bodies of extraterrestrials that the ufologists know as the gray ones, there are even photographs of these creatures in the mythical area 51 where they were taken for a series of unknown studies. The governments of the world know that there is life beyond the earth and do not want to tell the world the truth.

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Scientists and politicians hide extraterrestrial life
Latin America has been the territory with the highest number of UFO sightings in the world, in fact, Mexico was one of the countries where more than 10 UFOs were seen in the 1970s alone. It is said that these ships are always observed in the Gulf of Mexico and that the military does not do or say anything about them. Since then, the conspirators have claimed that military members are included in the extraterrestrial confidentiality treaty, the question is why is keeping this a secret? is that they have some kind of valuable exchange?

It would not be the first time that it has been mentioned that the world’s governments allow extraterrestrials to kidnap humans in exchange for technology that can be used for their military trials. It’s time for everyone to know that there are aliens on a planet close to ours who come to earth periodically.