The arrival of alien astronauts thousands of years ago on Earth


Humanity has inhabited the earth for more than 4500 million years, long enough for numerous events to take place, of which perhaps we will have no idea of many, contrary to what modern science egocentrically thinks. One of the greatest mysteries that not even science and numerous specialists have been able to explain is the theory of ancient astronauts.

Ancient alien astronauts who visited the planet earth from the planet Mars.
Erich von Daniken wrote a book called The Chariot of the Gods where he explains in detail the theory that the ancient civilizations of the earth were influenced by beings from other planets to create monuments and constructions that, apparently, were impossible for the time.

Although it sounds more like a work of science fiction than a real theory, von Daniken was not the only specialist in believing this theory and, although it does not have a real scientific basis – more than anything else because the scientific community refuses to accept it, and not because of a lack of arguments – there is a certain amount of evidence throughout the history of the earth itself that would, perhaps, prove that space astronauts did indeed visit ancient civilizations and, in addition, help to create them.

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Sumer, the most mysterious and fascinating ancient civilization on planet earth.
Summaries are and perhaps will continue to be one of the civilizations that have turned the scientific world upside down the most. This culture was able to recreate models of the solar system as we know it today by making complex mathematical equations, how did they do it? No one’s answered it yet. Since the Sumerians did not have the technology to make such discoveries, it seems impossible. However, among his relics and hieroglyphics, we might find the answer.

In Sumer they worshiped beings who, according to their sculptures, were reptilian in appearance, as if the head were that of a dragon and were responsible for the creation of mankind. These beings are called Anunnakis and are documents in the cities of Sumer.

In addition to the Sumerians, there are many “contradictions” engraved in the history of the earth, such as the hieroglyphics in the form of modern vehicles found in the temple of Abydos.