The aliens want to investigate us? True story!


The subject of extraterrestrials has always been a subject that has amazed the world in one way or another. For some it is only a science fiction-related subject, for others it is even a taboo subject and the mere fact of mentioning them frightens them, why is it so scary? Fear of the unknown has always existed and rumors about aliens do not collaborate.

Anyway, no one would want to be the victim of an alien abduction. Since the UFOs began to appear, it has always been said that their intentions are not the best: what they want to enslave us, destroy us or investigate us. That’s why the subject of alien abduction terrifies and intrigues us so much at the same time.

Victim of abduction by aliens.
In 1975, in the city of Arizona in the United States, local police set up a search operation to find the whereabouts of young Travis Walton. The operation lasted five days until they found even a clue to his whereabouts and Sheriff Marlin Gillespie decided to declare him murdered.

However, Walton showed up. He was inside a phone booth not far from the city, naked, disoriented, and delirious.

During the investigation and interrogation of the last people who saw Walton before his disappearance, all claimed to have seen the alien ship when they were interrogated separately, and the polygraph CyGilson claimed that they had all passed the test. They weren’t lying.

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The case caused a total uproar for the time, not only in the United States, as the news became global. Even the same skeptical Marlin Gillespie declared to the press that, although he found it hard to believe, everything seemed to indicate that they had actually seen a UFO.

The story of abduction by aliens.
On November 5, 1975, a group of seven children returned home to Snowflake after a day’s work in Sitgreaves National Park. That night, they reported, a strong light came over them, coming out of the trees. Scared, they accelerated to leave the leafy forest behind, but when they turned to see the source of the light, they found a “vehicle” flying too low above them to be just an airplane.


The scared kids were petrified inside the car, all but Travis Walton. A fan of science fiction and extraterrestrials in general, Walton did not want to miss the opportunity to see the object of his admiration up close, but he was barely in front of her, fear invaded him and he wanted to return, but he could not. His partner and boss, Mike Rogers, reports that they saw a kind of “blue light” hit his friend in the back and, panicked, he stepped on the gas, leaving Walton behind. After a while they returned but there was no sign of the flying vehicle or Travis.