The alien response we received 17 years ago from outer space.

The alien response we received 17 years ago from outer space.


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In 1974, a team of scientists managed to send a message to outer space describing the location of Planet Earth, the structure of our DNA and different details of terrestrial life. This message was answered in 2001 and has gone unnoticed by the general public. Arecibo’s message was sent through radio waves much more powerful than the usual transmissions on earth and was destined for a set of stars located 25,000 light years away in outer space.

The message that was sent into outer space was answered 27 years later.
Carl Sagan was primarily responsible for transmitting the Arecibo message through a radio transmission a million times more powerful than typical television broadcasts (the strongest of the time). In what became the largest radio transmission sent by humanity into space. Fate was a group of stars 25,000 light years away from Earth in the hope of getting some similar response from another civilization.

The message included the exact location of our planet within the solar system, the basic mathematical and scientific principles, and the technology used to make the antenna to send the message. So that any alien civilization could decipher and understand.

In addition to scientific aspects, it also included characteristic aspects of the human race; languages, popular music and even physical appearance and our genetic code.

The alien response we received 17 years ago from outer space.

The answer that came, but was never heard.
27 years after the signal was sent, in 2001, a “harvest message” appeared to shock the scientific community. A pattern appeared in a field a few metres from one of the UK’s largest observatories, Chilbolton, where the world’s largest directional weather radar is located. What surprised everyone was that everything seemed to indicate that this was a response to the signal sent in 1974.

To date, it is considered one of the most important crop messages to have appeared around the globe because, unlike the rest, these engravings transmitted a specific message from space.

Analyses carried out after its appearance revealed that it had not actually done so manually on earth and that the coded message was a response from another civilization in which a solar system, the image of the emitter and a different DNA from ours were described.