Strange figure captured on the Lunar surface could be a UFO


The idea of the existence of intelligent creatures that move in fast ships by the outer space is really fascinating and has become practically an obsession for many official and independent investigators. Not surprisingly, since there is growing evidence that we’re definitely not alone in the universe, as demonstrated in the following multimedia material in which we see a strange figure in the form of a triangle captured on the Lunar surface, which seems like a UFO.

Perhaps with the celestial body that we’re most familiar with is the Moon, we observe its brightness and beauty on certain nights, we mention it in our romantic recitals and even members of our species have visited it repeatedly, the best known in 1969 but it’s worth mentioning that there have been many other secret incursions.

Base alienígena en la luna

In this sense it should be noted that such familiarity is not only cultural but evolutionary and historical, since the destinies of the Earth and the Moon have been linked since ancient times, in fact it is argued that the first humans came to Earth in a coming UFO Of the Moon, such as the one that has now been taken fortuitously in the video presented.

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For a long time humanity has claimed to be the center of the universe, even denying the existence of other intelligent beings in the cosmos, but the truth is that the existence of alien creatures is unquestionable and also everything seems to indicate that they have decided to leave the anonymity to be noticed for every earthly population.

They know that they’re our relatives and therefore they want to approach us to know each other and interact in different ways, however they’re not aware of our nature or what we’re capable of, that’s why they’ve started to act discreetly, practicing selective abductions to various human individuals being carried in UFOs to the alien base installed on the dark side of the moon.

For these reasons shouldn’t seem strange that in a short period of time we begin to see more images like these on the lunar surface, which scientists in the service of the elites will try to explain with different fallacies but anyway we know the truth: they’re undoubtedly UFOs.

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