Strange creature captured in Tampico, Mexico; is it extraterrestrial?


The city of Tampico in the state of Tamaulipas of Mexico seems to be one of the cities where more anomalous or paranormal events occur, there are even many that think that the zone was protected by some sort of supernatural influence, due to the low rate of hurricanes or natural disasters in that city.

Thousands of people claim that an extraterrestrial civilization protects them by deflecting the course of hurricanes, which without apparent explanation are diverted to avoid causing damage to the city. Could it be an extraterrestrial creature?

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Something that even confirms the theory, are the very high reports of UFOs in the place, in addition it affirms that strange objects appear and disappear in the surface of the sea.

This video already crosses social networks as gunpowder and causes great uncertainty to the inhabitants of the area; many people claim to have ever seen the mysterious being. Others instead relate it to the sudden disappearance of people, without leaving any kind of trail or footpath.