Secrets about aliens that took Marilyn Monroe to the grave


We all know that Marilyn Monroe was a popular artist of the last century, considered in the media as the most important beauty and sex symbol of an era. However, it wasn’t her fame or talent that marked her life and the fateful outcome of it, but the secrets about aliens she was about to reveal to the world and that meant her death sentence in very strange circumstances, which even today, past more than 50 years later haven’t been clarified.

A documentary clarifies everything

 The investigator and television presenter Michael Mazzola has set out to reach the bottom of this case and reveal the whole truth to the world about the true causes of the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe, even knowing that he’s exposed to all kinds of threats and pressures by very powerful subjects, to whom he has already responded with determination that he’s not afraid.

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To channel his idea, Mazzola has undertaken the project to bring to the small screen a documentary that clarifies everything, named Unacknowledged. It’s aimed at publicly demonstrating the obscure alliances maintained by Monroe and other important personalities with paranormal forces, secret data that the artist intended to reveal the world at the time, therefore their former allies decided that it was best to silence her forever.

According to Mazzola’s research, this Hollywood star maintained close relations with occult powers, aliens and various pacts with the devil, under the auspices of important leaders of the Catholic Church and government officials, belonging to Illuminati lodges among other Masonic sects, who were their mentors in initiation into this kind of tenebrous cults and were unwilling to allow their secrets to be exposed to public opinion.

From what we see this project represents a very serious investigative journalism work, which we’re sure will achieve its goal of showing the world the truth related to esoteric practices and information about aliens, which brought Marilyn Monroe to the grave.

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