Scientists warn of the danger of alien hackers


Study explains how humanity can protect itself against spam from a hypothetical message from extraterrestrial hackers.
Many will remember scenes from movies in which alien hackers attack all our networks. They cause chaos as happened in the film TRANSFORMERS. The fact is that a group of specialists carried out a study that sets off the alarms in reference to a possible message sent by an extraterrestrial civilization. While it would represent a historic event for humanity, we would also be at great risk.

This study was published on February 6, 2018 on and its name is’Interstellar communication. IX. Message decontamination is impossible’. This work was developed jointly by Michael Hippke, an independent scientist at the Sonnerbeg Observatory (Germany) and John G. Learned, a professor in the High Energy Physics Group at the University of Hawaii (USA).

The work analyzes all possible scenarios, in case of contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. The aim of the research is to propose alternatives for humanity to protect itself against spam or viruses that may contain messages sent by extraterrestrial hackers.

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Alien hackers come in peace?
“There is no convincing reason to assume the benevolence

I find the analogy with what we know about our history much more compelling,” Learned told Universe Today.

“Is there any society anywhere that has had a good experience after meeting with a technologically advanced invader?

Any sign of a Search for Alien Intelligence (SETI) must be examined and decontaminated. These actions would prevent further damage to our society. This is because to exterminate a civilization like ours, it is easier to send a malicious message than an invasion squad.

This job exposes a list of threats that might have a message sent by extraterrestrial hackers. Such is the case of communications with self-destructive information, viruses intended to cause panic and technical problems that block our computer network.

Hippke and Learned claim that neutralizing a computer threat coming from a message from extraterrestrial hackers from a more technologically advanced civilization would be very difficult.

Prevention must be the first step, scientists advise. Share your opinion on the subject.