Russian scientist presents new theory on extraterrestrial life


We could have extraterrestrial life in the universe or on our planet.
Extraterrestrial life has been in question for many years and no matter how many UFO sightings and abduction tests are recorded each year, science refuses to accept that we are not alone in the universe and that there are other beings with a higher intelligence than ours. Life forms in the universe remain a mystery to many, for we do not know what the exact characteristics of these beings are, nor even how many races or species are found in space, though the conspirators have an approximate.

Now, scientists have studied the possibilities that the testimonies of people contacted by extraterrestrials are real and the results have been a little controversial, because although they may partially accept that there is life beyond our planet, they argue that the behavior of these beings and humans can harm the future of the earth and our solar system in different ways, however, they fear more for the human attitude than for the star creatures.

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Maybe humans are destroying extraterrestrial life.
For the Russian scientist Alexandr Berezin, who works at the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology, he can assure us that we will indeed find extraterrestrial life in the future, but as we find it, we will destroy it and that will not happen intentionally, but that our desire to expand in the universe will overcome us and we will put an end to everything that has life without even realizing it. Chemicals and ships sent abroad can destroy existing space microorganisms.

Berezin even compared this situation to the anthills in the construction area. The creatures are small and live peacefully on location, but humans with the thought of advancing and proliferating, destroy the anthill unconsciously, without stopping to think that there is life beyond humanity and the expert fears that this may happen, but with creatures from space.