Rosswell The Alien Yes! Floor The Earth New Hypothesis!

Rosswell El Extraterrestre Que ¡Si! Piso La Tierra ¡Nuevas Hipótesis!

Rosswell, in 1947, is considered the greatest conspiracy in history to have had anything to do with an alien object on our planet earth. There are witnesses who claimed that the object possessed “fantastic” properties, but no further information was obtained about these surprising features found in the remains of the ship.

The alien mystery of Rosswell.
Today, senior military and scientific officials who were in Rosswell at the time unveiled information that stirred up all the peace about it; microchio, fiber optics and even transistor were inventions that would never have been possible without the studies of the alien ship. However, many of the people who dared to talk about the case were gradually silenced.

The world’s leading ufologists and scientists are certain that the U.S. government was able to secretly rescue an alien spacecraft that plunged into the depths of the New Mexico desert, which they have used to create much of the technology we possess today.

However, that is not the only thing being accused of.

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Development of extraterrestrial technology in secret.
For decades, it has been reported that the government, along with other U.S. companies, has clandestinely created technology and scientific advances that the world still does not know about and that they may be able to use in the approaching Third World War.


It is no secret to anyone that advances in modern technology have made a leap in quality in an extremely short period of time and that progress is being made much faster and faster. Moreover, it is also no secret to anyone about the secrecy of the world’s most powerful governments in terms of the true military and technological capabilities they possess and what they teach us is only the tip of the iceberg.

Who can assure us that superpowers like Russia, China or the United States have had no contact with extraterrestrial life, or that Rosswell is just one of many cases of spacecraft rushing to earth? If it’s true, why are they hiding it from the rest of humanity?