Real alien captured by USA year 1982


There are many testimonies and evidences of alien activity on our planet, as well as the long-standing understanding between the leaders of the world powers and certain extraterrestrial races; however, this type of information has been denied to the public, being kept many years under the most absolute hermeticism with the qualification of state secret. In spite of that, today we have the much-desired opportunity to appreciate the video of an alien captured by the U.S. Army, which was leaked to alternative media by a government agent.

Official position

Alien capturado en sudamérica

Although the heads of the major powers of the world through their officials and minions have assumed a stubborn position of denying everything, every day the presence of extraterrestrial beings on Earth is more evident, so it has been becoming a public and notorious fact among the population in general.

With respect to the case registered in this multimedia material the US government has chosen to assume a silence that stuns, because with this attitude demonstrates that the arguments are over before the unquestionable of the capture of this alien in South America by undercover agents of the US Army.

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The trapped specimen is not a prominent or powerful species, we haven’t yet confirmed whether it’s at least an intelligent being, because it could be an alien pet or some inferior genre of those who serve as slaves in extraterrestrial societies.

It is very likely that the creature in question has taken the speedy UFO of its owners to escape without knowledge or guidance what it was doing, so in a few seconds it ended up crashing in the South American Andes mountain range, where although it did survive, it was captured by officers of the US Navy and taken to US territory to be analyzed along with the remains of his ship.

Alienigena real capturado por EEUU año 1982

El ejército de Estados Unidos grabo este alienígena en vídeo durante la investigación de un accidente de un ovni en el año 1982 en América del Sur. El vídeo es corto, pero el alienígena se ve muy claro. Ningún otro vídeo ha sido liberado de este encuentro, sin embargo,se supone que el extraterrestre fue llevado de vuelta a los EE.UU. a una base secreta para su estudio.

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